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Aaron Tucker​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Aaron Tucker is a retired Navy SEAL with multiple deployments in support of combat operations ranging from Central America to the Middle East. He conducted operations and lead teams during counter-terror, counter-narcotics, Foreign Internal Defense, and intelligence operations. Upon leaving the military he has developed strategic initiatives within national mission units and conventional and special operational integration efforts as well as audited technology for use within SOCOM. Aaron has worked within the defense industry in numerous project and program management roles from construction, training, logistics and large anti-terror programs.


After his time in the defense industry, he shifted to global and big four consulting as a strategy and operations consultant. Aaron has run large projects for both federal and commercial entities to operational and HR transformation efforts, digital transformation and portfolio management. After leaving the big four consulting industry he ran a behavioral science and research consulting firm specializing in developing human performance and engagement indicators and defining the future of the workforce. 

Aaron has currently holds a BA in Marketing, MBA, and is completing his PhD in management.

Scott Ward


Scott Ward is former Paramedic/Fighter FTO and served in the California State Military Reserve. He is also an I.C.A.C ( Internet Crimes Against Children) task force volunteer. He was the P.I.O. of a private security company, working as an analyst in the sectors of Counter Terrorism, Anti Human Trafficking, Kidnapping and Recovery, Narco-Terrorism, Border Security, and Corporate/Personal Security, as well as working internationally in abduction recovery and negotiating across 7 countries.  Scott has worked with both large corporations, and small families (and staff) in the security, education, and transportation space. He currently runs an NGO, he started 4 years ago focused on Anti Human Trafficking and Internet Predator Education for schools, teachers and children. The organization ties in all levels of law enforcement, local schools, and local businesses. It provides education to parents, churches and other specialized groups in the lane of best safety practices, internet / app structure threats and unity through out local community businesses as a "safe place" for victims to go if they are being hurt in any way; expanding the curriculum to include active shooter prevention and safety in active shooter situations for schools across the nation, along with facility assessments.

Scott is also a successful business owner and educator with a deep resume of public speaking and philanthropy pursuits. He has worked in the private sector for many years in finance and private investment securities. He has relationships and success with major broadcast and content providers through multiple mediums across the current media markets.

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About Shepherd Worldwide

Shepherd Worldwide is a Florida and Virginia based company founded by a former Navy S.E.A.L. Commander of 20 years, and a former Public Information Officer/Analyst in counterterrorism specializing in kidnap and recovery extrication internationally. Both have a background in education summits, program development at the corporate level for security, negotiations and operations. Combined with deep connections at both the current operator level and business world, there is nothing that Shepherd Worldwide can not protect from or accomplish in the space of security and logistics.

Shepherd Worldwide strives to reduce all exposure of threat to its valued client base, across all aspects of business and personal needs in an aggressive and unforgiving world. Our number one job is to protect and recover, any asset class that is important to human life, profitability and intellectual property. We instill confidence in our clients through extensive research and training, always maintaining ethics and responsibility.